Foundation for Humanitarian Services International
Success Stories

Children's Dental Clinics: 
Dental clinics are being established and or subsidized by HSI in Peru, Costa Rica and on three Indian Reservations as well as the planning for additional clinics in Costa Rica, Romania, Russia and Brazil.

Perinatal Care:  
Lack of prenatal care is one of the biggest problems facing the world children today.  HSI has established grants for businesses that provide training as well as obstetrics for the mothers and unborn children in countries around the world. 

HSI has implemented a Mobile Gynecologist program where Doctors are provided motor homes equipped as mobile clinics to travel to remote villages to provide Well Visits and Pre-Natal vitamins to expecting mothers that would not have access to medical facilities.  

HSI provides adoption counseling for mothers in foreign countries.

Ophthalmology and vision care
HSI provides funds for organizations that supply Optometry services, vision correction, eye glasses and seeing eye dogs.

Toxic Exposure research and WMD training.
Due to the current International Terrorism situations HSI has recruited some of the top experts in the world to conduct research, train responders and respond to incidents of toxic and chemical exposure.

This service is provided to health care facilities, first responders and corporations that want to be prepared for a bacterial or chemical threat or incident and to insure that their staff and employees remain safe and secure.

International Training and Seminars 
HSI establishes international training seminars on all levels of medical, mental health, child wellness, birth control, AIDS awareness and prenatal child care.   HSI provides speakers for international seminars as well as hosting seminars on medical topics and topics of public concern.

Low Income Housing  HSI
. Provides resources and financing for the development of low income housing in areas where government housing is not sufficient to cover the needs of the community.

Humanitarian Services is committed to providing assistance where we see the need.  We have established medical, dental and prenatal care centers as well as providing parenting classes and day care services while the mothers are in class.  Humanitarian Services has assisted with fresh water and energy projects as well as assisting with affordable housing.

On weekends Humanitarian Services schedules events to provide children with healthy food and safe entertainment.
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