"Making Dreams Come True"


HSI  was established to provide children and teen age pregnant girls with dental and medical Services. 

 HSI se estableció para proporcionar servicios dentales y médicos a niñas y adolescentes embarazadas. 

HSI oversees the development of many  diversified Humanitarian projects around the world.  HSI conducts  feasibility studies, need assessments due diligence and financing for  applicant organizations.

About Us

Our Team


Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to  helping others. We have dedicated our lives to helping others!

Our Medical Team encompasses all of the necessary Specialties for Comprehensive Quality Care and Research.

Gynecology, Obstetrics, General Practitioner, Nutritionist,  Toxicology, Clinical Psychology, Biologist in Bio Medical Research 

Dr. Larry Cosper


Humanitarian Services was the result of our team and the dream  of our original director Dr. Larry Cosper he spent his life assisting others and working to make the world a better place for all of us to live.  RIP

Our Goals


Is to try and put as many smiles on faces of children as we can.  We assist children and their parents to have a happy and healthy life.

Nothing is More Beautiful that a Mother & Her Child


Happy Mother Happy Home.