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Our Mission


Foundation  for Humanitarian Services International provides desperately  needed health and welfare services,  establishes trust and grants to  enhance the life styles of people in need.  From seeing eye dogs for the  blind, mental health, medical and dental clinics and low income housing  in South America, Russia and American Indian Reservations. 

HSI also provides support for mission projects around the world as well  as funding retreats and camps enhancing positive behavior in teenagers.

Through  our commitment, experience, and expertise Foundation for Humanitarian  Services International has established Medical and Dental clinics,  housing projects, job training and assistance to individuals on 3  continents!

HSI is establishing a new Community Center for Women's Health to assist  pregnant teens with parenting classes, prenatal care and IT employment  training for the new mothers.  This training assist the new mothers with  being self sufficient in caring for themselves and their child. 

Humanitarian  Services International was founded in 2002 by board of industry  specialist to provide health and wellness assistance to underprivileged  people around the world.

We would like to send a special thanks to Dr. Gregory, Dr. Keith  Flannigan CMAS, Mike Kotch Ron Lander CHEPS, Lance Bolton, CFCE, and Gene Merritt for their  continued efforts for HSI in Central and South America.  They have given  of themselves repeatedly, many times pulling multiple shifts in a day  under hardship conditions to provide food, warmth and necessities to  needy children.  Their selfless efforts to fight childhood hunger in  Central America  and to insure the success of HSI in providing medical,  housing and educational assistance to those in need is a tribute to  their character the size of their hearts.

Dr. Keith Flannigan and Dr. Gregory are working to establish 24 hour  pharmacies in communities of Central America where there currently are  no service available for night time pediatric emergencies.  

Lance Bolton, has established the trust and arranged for the funding to be able to maintain HSI in the future.
 Mr.  Gene Merritt has worked with HSI IT team to consult on IT training  programs to provide the new mothers with an opportunity to earn a  living.
 In loving memory of our founding president and close friend Dr.  Larry Cosper.  He will always be an inspiration to those of us that had  the pleasure of knowing him.

Dr. Larry C. Cosper is an  inspiration to anyone that knew him.  His ever and ongoing "Can Do"  attitude could only be matched by his passion to help others.  Dr.  Cosper for over twenty years gave of himself and his time to assist  others while directing HSI.  Dr. Cosper developed psychological programs  addressing Conflict Resolution and counseling for organizations such as  NASA, Coca-Cola and International Dynamics while not forgetting the  troubled youth in the area by establishing and conducting his conflict  resolution classes for troubled youth at local schools and drug rehab  centers.  Dr. Cosper  worked at length conducting conflict resolution in  the prison system between the Black Panthers and the KKK.

Dr. Cosper assisted  individuals and couples with counseling services and teaching for many  years and found time to give personal attention to the emotional needs  of troubled married couples around the world.  Dr. Cosper selflessly  provided personal touch counseling to assist couples in reuniting the  family unit and returning the home to a content and healthy environment  for children and spouses.  His many long nights of self sacrifice and   giving to insure that some joy is brought back into the lives of these  neglected individuals placed him in a position of respect to all that  know him.  I am proud to have been able to call him my friend.  The  staff and everyone here at HSI strive to carry on his vision for helping  others and providing comfort when possible.  We continue to carry out  his vision with our new facilities in Central and South America and our  Women's Centers for Pregnant Teens.