Children's Dental Clinics


Dental  clinics are being established and or subsidized by HSI in Peru, Colombia, Costa  Rica and on three Indian Reservations as well as the planning for  additional clinics in Costa Rica, Romania, Russia and Brazil. 

Ophthalmology and Vision care


HSI provides funds for organizations that supply Optometry services, vision correction, eye glasses and seeing eye dogs.

Assist children suffering from  Strabismus.

Mobile Gynecologist



HSI  has implemented a Mobile Gynecologist program where Doctors are  provided motor homes equipped as mobile clinics to travel to remote  villages to provide Well Visits and Pre-Natal vitamins to expecting  mothers that would not have access to medical facilities.  

Employment and Parenting Training for pregnant teens


Classes are provided to the young ladies in Parenting, Life Skills, What to expect during childbirth and job training so that they can support their child when born.

Low Income Housing


   Provides resources and financing for the development of low income  housing in areas where government housing is not sufficient to cover the  needs of the community.


Training and Seminars



 HSI  establishes international training seminars on all levels of medical,  mental health, child wellness, birth control, AIDS awareness and  prenatal child care.