IDRC Humanitarian Services Int. Center for Women’s Health

Humanitarian Services Center for Women’s Health


IDRC Humanitarian Services Int. Center for Women’s Health will have a Research Center, Traveling Health Center and a Community Center.

IDRC Center for Women’s Health Costa Rican Research Center  will support and conduct research related to the Health and development  of women, children, and families and provide prenatal care, career  training and nutritional diets to promote a healthy pregnancy. The  Institute will make critical contributions to women's health research  and to the improvement of life for the institute’s attendees and their  future children.

Improved prenatal diagnosis. IDRC CFWH studies  will demonstrate the safety and accuracy of amniocentesis for prenatal  diagnosis, allowing women and their physicians to make informed  decisions about their pregnancy using these techniques.

IDRC CFWH is making tremendous advancements for women including  improving pregnancy and childbirth outcomes, and identifying cures for  diseases and conditions affecting women of all ages and at all stages in  life. IDRC CFWH research advancements will include:

Improved diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and choriocarcinoma. IDRC  CFWH research led to faster diagnosis and monitoring of treatment for  choriocarcinoma, a malignant tumor of placenta tissue.

Improved Pregnancy Tests. IDRC CFWH  will  provide simple and quick home and office pregnancy tests for teens in  risk of pregnancy to assist them in providing nutritional supplements  and diet for the child as soon as possible reducing the risk to the  child.

Reduced Perinatal HIV Transmission. The IDRC CFWH is working  with other agencies to reduce the transmission of HIV from infected  mother to fetus and infant.